In 2020, we kicked off a new project: Garden of Dreams pres. BiH.

Our plan is to present the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina to a new generation of partygoers, simultaneously educating them on our country’s cultural heritage.

GoD pres. BiH events are hosted at locations of historical and tourist value, with the best B&H artists presenting their craft. All of these events are filmed and available for streaming online.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our event series turned into a video stream. DJs played music at various locations but the crowd stayed safe at home. As soon as possible, our online party will turn into a regular one, and we’ll open these events for the public.

Until then, check out the previous streams on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more to come.

Stream no. 1 – Garden of Dreams pres. Sarajevo

Stream no. 2 – Garden of Dreams pres. Vranduk

Stream no. 4 – Garden of Dreams pres. Srebrenik Fortress

Stream no. 3 – Garden of Dreams pres. Valley of Heroes